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Mission, Vision & Credo

Mission, Vision & Credo

Our Vision

To be the leading North Carolina community health network assuring quality, cost-effective and evidence-based medical care for our patients.

Our Mission Statement

To plan, develop, and implement local strategies to improve health outcomes by assuring access to quality, cost-effective, evidence-based medical care for our network’s population while exceeding Community Care of North Carolina and other grantor requirements.

Our Credo

Community Care of Southern Piedmont holds high moral and professional standards for all employed and provides excellent services through experience and sound judgment.

CCofSP aspires to be open and transparent about how we do business.  We strive to earn and keep the trust of our employees, patients, stakeholders, and other community advocates in the counties we serve.  At CCofSP, we foster an environment where our employees feel comfortable knowing when we have news, good or bad, we will discuss it openly and make sure everyone feels comfortable discussing it.

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.  At CCofSP, trust is based on respect for all parties involved with our mission of providing quality, cost-effective healthcare for underserved populations, and is reflected by the passion our team members exhibit on a daily basis.  Respect is earned when trust is built by always telling the truth and sharing honest information with others.  At CCofSP, we attempt to base our relationships on trust and a mutual respect for the strengths, abilities, ideas, needs, and resources of all parties involved.

Open communication can be defined in numerous ways, but essentially it is the foundation of relationship building.  This is a way of earning trust and respect and the stepping stone of what makes CCofSP unique.  CCofSP encourages open communication in order to build relationships and strives to have open communications with staff, patients, providers, and the community to develop the most effective and cost containing resolution.  Open communication allows each person to feel empowered and respected; therefore, each person endeavors to improve services, encourage personal and professional growth, encourage collaboration and networking throughout the entire team, and performance overall.

Collaboration is a process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals.  At CCofSP, everyone is committed to participate and leverage their individual talents, skills and learnings in order to create the best collective solutions & outcomes.  This is demonstrated in the way our transformational leadership team and staff confront our day-to-day activities.  This is what sets CCofSP apart from all the rest!

Accountability is accepting the responsibility for one's actions and decisions.  At CCofSP, we are accountable for our actions and interactions within our community.  We place emphasis on account-giving through an environment of answerability.  At CCofSP, accountability is not acknowledged only when things go wrong; our leadership seeks to introduce a new positive and principled view in which accountability for results becomes something everyone embraces as a helpful step in making things happen.

CCofSP's successful and highly productive employees have found a balance between their professional and personal settings, creating an active, pleasing and enjoyable life.  It is recommended that employees take regular breaks and meals away from their desk to keep energy and creativity in high gear, thus increasing productivity.  CCofSP leadership works to create an environment conducive to higher productivity by encouraging open communication, which creates the mutual trust and respect of employees.  CCofSP tries to hire a diversified staff from various areas of industry to develop many valuable approaches to workplace activities.  This negates the "This is the way we've always done it" philosophy and induces new and innovative ideas to assist CCofSP in the continuance of being pioneers in our field.

Innovation is the force that moves us forward in our lives, our business, and our world.  Without innovation, there would be no electricity, no telephones, and no computers; a simple fire would not exist without innovation.  At CCofSP, we encourage innovative minds to break through the barriers of self-doubt, fear and criticism in order to creatively improve the lives of: our patients by helping them take back control of their health and connecting them to the community resources they need to improve their lives; our partners through enhanced communication and quality reporting that improves the flow and productivity of their practices; the world around us by reducing the burden of cost on our Medicaid system by means of strengthening communication from patient to provider and from provider to provider.  Today's healthcare system thrives on innovation, and CCofSP is in the forefront leading the way.

CCofSP holds merit that our culture of ethics encompasses the basic concepts and fundamental principles of decent human conduct.  We are responsible for creating an ethical shift in paradigms.  At CCofSP, we set aside our beliefs that may serve as an injustice to those who need us.  Rather than view people as a failure to the system, we open our eyes and assess how the system may fail others and labor against those inequities.  We are passionate and fervent about the human experience and embrace the reality that behind each unique encounter lies a person with a heart, a spirit and a story.  We appreciate the individual and the connections that create our relationships.  These connections stretch like an incredibly interwoven and colorful tapestry in which each of us are stitched.  We aim our thoughts and actions as if they were stones dropped in a pond creating ripples that travel outward into the ocean that is our community.  We acknowledge that the choices we make have far-reaching consequences.  We ardently carry within us the capacity to change the world as our servitude creates waves of comfort that one day will make it to shore.