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Close the Gap!

Close the Gap!

CCofSP Adopts “Medical Adherence” as Strategic Plan

Health care costs are growing rapidly. Patients’ repetitive hospital admissions, use of the emergency department as a doctor’s office, and patients’ non-adherence to his or her physician’s plan of recovery are significant contributors to the problem. These excesses and/or lapses in patient care need to be reduced so that health care costs can be minimized and better health care results can be accomplished.

To combat these excesses and/or lapses, we at Community Care of Southern Piedmont have adopted “medical adherence” as our strategic plan for the next three years. After making sure our patients are connected with a primary caregiver, we will encourage them to follow their caregiver’s treatment plan, and thereby “close the gap” between the treatment that is prescribed and the patients’ actual self-care.

Our pharmacy team will attempt to close the gap by making sure that patients fill and begin taking all prescriptions within a 30-day period. They will use home visits, medicine reconciliations and pharmacist reviews to accomplish this goal. Care managers will seek to close the gap using home visits, practice encounters and making sure patients attend follow-up appointments within 15 days of a hospital discharge. Both teams will use motivational interviewing to help patients adhere to treatment plans.

Closing the gap is a team effort. We cannot do it by ourselves. To be successful we need the help of all concerned. If providers, pharmacists, case managers and patients work together, we can hold down the cost of medical care and help our people be healthier.